About Us

Covision regards itself as a ‘disruptive innovator’. That’s a small category of visionary, client-focused business leaders and their teams, who shake up the status quo and introduce positive change and innovation. Covision is founded firm on the promise that it is in the business of serving the evolving needs of its clients.

It was the legendary leader of Scandinavian Airlines, Jan Carlzon, who described every contact with an organisation as a ‘Moment of Truth’ in which the client would either be engaged or repelled. The Covision Group is determined that each client will feel special, understood, respected and professionally served in their time of grief.

Our clients don’t only get quick and convenient service when getting a funeral plan but we also provide them with quality funeral services because we understand the importance of a quality and dignified funeral service. With our many years of experience in the funeral industry, we understand our customers and their funeral insurance and service needs.

Our commitment of pursuing excellence, comfort of the family, respect for the dead and to serve the dignity of mankind ensures that we deliver unbeatable funeral plans and funeral services.

    • To transcend the expected and become the extraordinary market leaders in the funeral industry.

    • Committed to the pursuit of excellence.
    • Comfort of the family.
    • Respect for the deceased and serve the dignity of mankind.

  • Customer Centric

    • We focus on our clients’ needs.
    • Convenience and accessibility – one stop shop service.
    • Lift the weight from our clients’ shoulders.
    • To be within reach of our clients when they need us.

    Speedy Service

    • Quick, accurate and efficient delivery of service.


    • Healthy, hygienic and exciting working environment.
    • Welfare of our clients and staff.


    • Understanding and respecting the clients’ needs and cultural requirements.
    • Honouring the clients wishes during the time of service.